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I HLA Matchmaker Symposium – HLA Fusion 4.3 (es)

When talking about organ transplantation, you immediately think of compatibility between receptor and donor. Compatibility is a crucial requirement for a transplant to occur, but there is another factor that is also determinant for the success of this procedure: antibodies. Every day new resources are developed that can bring benefits to patients awaiting a transplant.

Thinking in context, during the days 4-6 of February, Biometrix will promote the HLA MAtchmaker Symposium, in Curitiba. The event is intended to introduce the new HLA Fusion 4.3 analysis software update to users, with an emphasis on the HLA Matchmaker Tool. HLA MAtchmaker is a computer algorithm developed to assist in the detailed analysis of antigen/antibody reactions in transplantation. With this more detailed analysis, it is possible to predict (and establish strategies to combat) and even avoid episodes of rejection.

For the Symposium, participants from 38 laboratories from all over Brazil are confirmed, including most of our clients. Many of these laboratories are national references and work with a high demand for this type of exams. We will be bringing two speakers from the American company One Lambda, which has been working in transplant diagnostics for more than 20 years, both with a high level of knowledge and extensive experience in the field. They are specialists who work directly with laboratories around the world, providing training, training and support. In the event, a full day will be devoted to the training of the Biometrix Scientific Support team, in order to maintain our constant improvement. The other two days will be aimed at Biometrix customers, making not only presentations, but also creating discussion groups, suggestions and improvements.

Our mission is to provide excellence in transplant solutions through the provision of quality products and services. To do this, bringing information of innovations, updates and technical-scientific knowledge in the area of histocompatibility is fundamental, since we have seen the constant innovations in this area.