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Ostap Bender: Adventurer with psychopathic inclinations

What did Ostap Bender make a “great combinator”, a charming fraudster, a virtuoso artist and an “ideological fighter for banknotes”? Who such a character could become today? Let’s figure it out.

The “Turkish subject” easily copes with life uncertainty, appearing on the advance without pennies in his pocket, documents, housing and even socks, having only four hundred ways of relatively honestly eating money. He transforms either into the fire department inspector, then in a chess genius, then in an ardent lover of a deceived widow. He has the gift of a director of the Winter and the artist of household sketches, who is only good for the passion for posterity and the desire to manipulate others. He is a charming rebel that exposes the bureaucrats of his time.

However, psychopathic inclinations are hidden behind the personal charm of Ostap. The ability to easily solve any problem creates a fraudulent feeling of excellent adaptive opportunities and adult ability to make conscious decisions.

But it seems that “comrade Bender” is not very adapted to reality. Violent energy, talents and fantasies not to fit into the socialist framework. Having received what is desired from another, much more adapted to the reality of the Koreiko psychopath, outplaying it, Ostap, like a child, is lost before winning.

His goals are immature, it seems to him that, becoming rich, he will become happy – so children at five dreams of becoming kings, thinking that being a king is the same as you do what you want. Personal enrichment only exacerbates the void and desire to be loved and necessary. Unlike another “noble” offender

– Robin Hood, Ostap is not able to come up with an inspiring and meaning -forming goal.

Behind the external effects, a child who did not know love was hidden, did not have the opportunity to grow up and therefore set off in pursuit of a dream of a paradise, where everything in white pants. Paradise turns out to be unattainable, the finale is natural and dramatic: the one who regularly crosses the boundaries will sooner or later catch.

Ostap among us

Loving Ostap Bender as a literary hero, in real life we would hardly want to be in his way. Surely you met people who lie shamelessly, fraud not ashamed, joyfully occupy your money, forgetting to give, push your border charmingly and charismatically. They get what they want, not taking care of your feelings, without worrying about the damage, cynically using your location, kindness and openness.

It is very difficult for many of us to identify the malicious use of our trust and readiness to help in time, especially if it is covered with charming smiles, colorful compliments and grandiose promises. The worst manifestation of this nature is a fraudster of a large or small spill, sooner or later finding himself in places of imprisonment or received a well -deserved retribution from an angry victim.

The best is a stand-up comedian who has realized his artistic potential, humor, energy that can open what wants to hide that helps to laugh at himself and honestly earned money, recognition, fame.